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Site Evaluations for Septics

Site Evaluations or Perc Tests

The Site Evaluation is generally the first step in the process of placing a septic system within a property. Occasionally you may hear them called “perc” tests. When we are on your property performing field work, you will see us core several soil borings to approximately 6 feet and take notes, or “log” the soil information. In general, we are looking for potential soil “limitations” that could affect the type of system that can be placed on the property. The field work is the fun part!

The information collected during the field work is used to develop a site map and write a summary report. The final Site Evaluation Report is written in accordance with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) regulations and submitted for DNREC review and approval.

Some Site Evaluations may be a simple ¾ acre rectangle in a clear field. In other cases, the investigation can be quite complex and involve recommending different septic system types for different soil scenarios. Other confounding factors may include neighboring properties, water well configurations and adjacent waterways.

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Licensed D.3 Site Evaluator

The minimum licensure required to perform Site Evaluations in Delaware is a D.1 Site Evaluator. Accent Environmental, LLC (AE) maintains D.3 Site Evaluator licensure which is the highest licensure tier defined by DNREC. In addition, AE maintains Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) licensure with the national soils certifying body. Scientists recommended!

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