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Basement and Crawlspace Investigations

Identifying Potential Water Problems Before Excavation

All basements should have a sump pump with a battery back-up; it’s just good insurance. Many areas on the Delmarva peninsula have shallow water tables that can be problematic for shallow excavations. Accent Environmental is uniquely qualified for identifying shallow water tables or restrictive soil layers that pose problems for basements and crawlspaces. Basement and crawlspace investigations are not regulated in Delaware. Therefore, it is very important that the investigation be performed by a nationally licensed Certified Professional Soil Scientist with a DNREC D.3 license. Always ask about licensure!

Basement water table delineation

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Licensed D.3 Site Evaluator

The minimum licensure required to perform Site Evaluations in Delaware is a D.1 Site Evaluator. Accent Environmental, LLC (AE) maintains D.3 Site Evaluator licensure which is the highest licensure tier defined by DNREC. In addition, AE maintains Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) licensure with the national soils certifying body. Scientists recommended!

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