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Soil Consulting Services

Site Evaluations

We gather soil data and offer meaningful feedback as to the context and goals of the project.

Resource Mapping &
GIS/ GPS Services

We develop a visual map that represents the diversity of soil types and properties in the surveyed area.

Stormwater Investigations

Evaluating a site's ability to absorb stormwater run-off and analyze and/or avoid water pollution, flooding and structural damages that may incur from rainfall.

Wetland &

Hydric Soil Investigations

Assistance in planning for land-use, conservation, and threats to wildlife habitat.

Large System Investigations

Disposal systems investigations relating to community systems, spray irrigation systems, or large commercial systems.

Basement &
Crawlspace Investigations

Identifying shallow water tables or restrictive soil layers that pose problems for basements.

Nutrient Management & Biosolids Application Investigations

We are certified professional Agronomists who can perform nutrient management investigations and plans.

Infiltration/ Percolation Testing

Testing to determine the water absorption rate of soil necessary for the building of a septic drain field or infiltration basin