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About Accent Environmental

We Dig This Stuff

Soil Science is awesome! You have to be a certain type of person to “dig” soils. Anyone who willingly crawls through briars and brush, in August in overalls and in humid, 90 degree weather has to enjoy their work. Soils are uniquely fascinating, fun and bridge a variety of scientific disciplines: earth science, geology, geography, biology, chemistry, physics and math. Every site, every hole and every project is different.

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The most common question we hear is, “We’ve never had to do this, what happens next, what does this mean?” You are not alone. The steps you have to go through during an environmental investigation can be confusing. It’s our job to provide the consulting service you need to guide you through the investigation process, obtain the necessary documents, approvals and answers.

Our Story

Founder, Bill Gangloff (Dr. Dirt or Dr. Bill), began his soil science career as a student at the University of Delaware in the early 1990s. After receiving his MS in Plant and Soil Sciences, he worked for several years with the university and the Delaware Geological Survey on soils and water quality projects. A trip out west led to a 7-year career with Colorado State University. Projects in Colorado included soil sampling and analysis, crop and soil management, spatial modeling and soil management zone mapping. He completed his PhD in Soil Science and returned to the east coast in 2004. After returning, he briefly worked with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control before moving into the private sector.

In addition to his consulting efforts, Dr. Gangloff also teaches courses in soils and environmental science. He serves and has served on several professional boards including the Delaware Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, the Delaware DNREC Site Interpretation Advisory Council, and the Onsite Systems Advisory Board.


Since 2005, Accent Environmental has provided soils and natural resource consulting for a variety of clients and entities. Accent Environmental, LLC provides landowners, businesses and government agencies with services related to natural resource management, planning, protection and regulatory compliance.
Centrally located on the Delmarva Peninsula, our staff demonstrates in-depth knowledge of environmental issues and applicable policies to provide timely, cost-effective solutions for our clients. Areas of expertise include wastewater, stormwater, soil mapping, infiltration/ percolation testing, wetlands and nutrient management. For over 15 years, Accent Environmental, LLC has provided the Delmarva region with personal, professional and timely technical consulting in the Earth, environmental and soil sciences.

Big or Small We Dig Them All

Whether it’s a 1000 acres or your own personal ¼ acre, we approach every project with the same technical professionalism while maintaining a personable and accessible dialogue with the client. Contact us if you if you have a question or need guidance with your project. We’re ready to help with the sound advice you need.

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