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Accent Environmental, LLC

Soil and Environmental Consulting

We work with a wide variety of clients including home owners, governments, land developers, engineering firms, realtors and septic installers to assess soil properties, site conditions, and permeability as it pertains to onsite systems, site development, water & stormwater management, nutrient management, and regulatory standards.

Soil Consulting Services

Site Evaluations

We gather soil data and offer meaningful feedback as to the context and goals of the project.

Resource Mapping &
GIS/ GPS Services

We develop a visual map that represents the diversity of soil types and properties in the surveyed area.

Stormwater Investigations

Evaluating a site's ability to absorb stormwater run-off and analyze and/or avoid water pollution, flooding and structural damages that may incur from rainfall.

Wetland &

Hydric Soil Investigations

Assistance in planning for land-use, conservation, and threats to wildlife habitat.

Large System Investigations

Disposal systems investigations relating to community systems, spray irrigation systems, or large commercial systems.

Basement &
Crawlspace Investigations

Identifying shallow water tables or restrictive soil layers that pose problems for basements.

Nutrient Management & Biosolids Application Investigations

We are certified professional Agronomists who can perform nutrient management investigations and plans.

Infiltration/ Percolation Testing

Testing to determine the water absorption rate of soil necessary for the building of a septic drain field or infiltration basin

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Who We Work With

Home Owners

We know you probably never had to deal with this stuff. And, hopefully, this will be the last time you have to deal with this stuff. We know you have a lot of questions and we can answer them and walk you through the process.

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If your client has a failed/ failing septic system or “raw” unchecked property you will need a site investigation. We can do a full site evaluation or preliminary reconnaissance investigation (i.e. “recon”). This will give you the information you need to make initial decisions in the purchase/ development.

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Septic Installers and Onsite Professionals

Do you need a sand lining check? Do you need a wooded lot check? Do you just think something doesn’t look right with the soils on the site? Give us a call. You are a professional in the onsite industry and you’ve done this for a long time so your concern is probably warranted. We can check it for you.

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Engineers and Contractors

We can provide detailed preliminary property reconnaissance, summary and mapping; subdivision feasibilty studies; large onsite system investigations; and, wetland delineation and permitting.

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